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Workshop at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, 19 February 2013

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Date 19 February 2013
Time 09:00 - 18:30

The workshop 'On Men and Women Reading Yiddish: Between Manuscript and Print' will take place at the VOC-room of the Bushuis, Kloveniersburgwal 48, Amsterdam.



Yiddish Narrative: Reading for Pleasure?


09:00–09:45   Claudia  Rosenzweig

Getlekhe un nisht getlekhe mayses


09:45–10:30   Ruth  von Bernuth

“In honor of all women”: Translating Judith for Jewish  Readers


10:30–11:00    Coffee

Yiddish and  the Religious Canon


11:00–11:45   Simon  Neuberg

Tkhines Revisited:  MS Opp. 666 and the Printed Tradition


11:45–12:30   Lucia Raspe

Three Sixteenth-Century Translations of Penitential Prayers  into Yiddish


12:30–13:15   Edward  Fram

Translations of Classic Rabbinic Texts into Yiddish

13:15–14:30   Lunch  Break

Yiddish and  Hebrew


14:30–15:15   Avriel Bar-Levav

The World of Texts and the World of the Readers:  Sefer Hahayyim

(Amsterdam, 1703)


15:15–16:00   Irene  Zwiep

For Whom, for What? Early Modern Yiddish Grammars of Hebrew

16:00–16:30    Coffee

Yiddish and  its Readers: Methodological Aspects


16:30–17:15   Emile Schrijver

The Simultaneous Production of Jewish  Manuscripts and Printed Books in

Early Modern Europe: Methodological Consequences


17:15–18:00   Shlomo Berger

Early Modern Yiddish Books and the Emergence of the Anonymous Reader


18:00–18:30    Concluding Discussion