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An exhibition on rare pamphlets regarding the death sentence of King Charles I in 1649. It narrates the story about the 17th century media hype concerning one of the most shocking events of the Golden Age.

Detail Summary
Start date 25 January 2013
End date 14 May 2013
Time 00:00


 This exhibition tells the story of a seventeenth century media hype and clarifies why the English royalty appealed to the Dutch so much. It is the story of a conflict between English and Scottish spin doctors, hate preachers and diplomats about the Dutch public opinion, of international propaganda. Above all, it is the story about the effect of media.


The exhibition is composed by Helmer Helmers, teacher and researcher at the University of Amsterdam. 


Location: University Library is Witte Singel 27, 2311 BG in Leiden.