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Coordinating the Two Books: God’s Word and the Natural World in Early Modern Catholic Europe

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Start date 22 November 2018
End date 23 November 2018
Time 09:00

This conference examines the configuration of confessional interests and epistemic concerns at the interface of hermeneutics and science. Current historiography does not appreciate early modern Catholic endeavours in generating knowledge about the Book of Nature and the Word of God in their own right. At best, they tend to be regarded as a stepping stone to the ‘real thing’, the Protestant study of nature as an act of devotion to God. It is high time to re-integrate early modern Catholic intellectual output in the received history of ways of managing religious and natural knowledge. This conference aims to contribute to studying Catholic’s proper trajectory in aligning natural enquiry and textual authority.


Bernd Roling, "Return From the Dead: The Raising of Lazarus in Early Modern Biblical Commentaries and Natural Philosophy"


donderdag 22 november

  • KANTL (Koningstraat 18, 9000 Gent) - 9u-17u

vrijdag 23 november

  • Sint-Baafshuis (Biezekapelstraat 2, 9000 Gent) - 9u-16u


This conference is organised by Jetze Touber and Steven Vanden Broecke (History Department)